Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I must have slept on my back wrong or something because I woke up in great discomfort. I have a pinched nerve in my shoulder that acts up from time to time. It is this nerve that my doctor says brings on my occasional attacks of vertigo. Fortunately, no vertigo waves yet. But boy oh boy am I not a happy camper right now.

I am taking a pass on yoga for sure today and will try for the Sat. practice instead if I am doing better by then. The spirit is willing but this old body of mine is not.

One more sleep til the Macy Thanksgiving Day parade and lots of yummy food. Can't wait. Hope yours is wonderful!

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altar ego said...

Sorry to hear of your pain, Jules. Hope it passes so that you can enjoy your holiday and weekend to the fullest. I am so thankful for you!