Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Clare does the Sponge Docks

We started our Tues with coffee in the hot tub and some of E's pancakes which are more like crepes. We headed out to tour the docks and do some shopping. Most of the shops were just opening and the docks, which are usually teaming with tourists, were quiet. Clare became quite friendly with a Cuban cigar maker who invited her to visit his humidor and he posed nicely for photos. We headed back to the house to get E and then began to fulfill a few more of Clare's requests, the local dives of Tarpon Springs.

We began at Molly Goodhead's which is actually in Ozona where E and Clare had oyster shooters. Our next stop was lunch back on the Sponge Docks at Mykonoes Greek restaurant which is one of my all time favorites in town. When the cathedral priests eat there, you know the food is pretty authentic. Our next stop was Miss Vickie's on the river for cajun style boiled peanuts and beer. It was pretty quiet there too as the sky was becoming more and more overcast. Clare seemed to like the boiled peanuts better than the biscuits and gravy she had when Anne, her and I went out to breakfast at the Tarpon Dinner (Tula's was closed on Mondays)the day before.

Our last stop was Snookers where we met up with our friends Becky and Bob, DJ, and Suzie who was just getting off work. We were forced by inclement weather to have another round until the down pour ended.

E fixed us steak with blue cheese and mushrooms and asparagus. We talked over a glass of wine and all of us headed to bed early. We sure crammed a lot into one day and I am going to miss Clare sitting beside me on the lanai every morning as much as I miss our dear Anne and our crazy Janet! I'll be pretending all are here with as each day dawns.


Pam in Moncton said...

Great pictures! Clare you are gong to make Mr. Lobster jealous!

elle said...

sounds like a fab time with clare! glad you're having so much fun!

dang, where in the world do you put all that food??? i'd be as big as a house if i ate like that!! lol

see you later...


rebecca lucille said...

You girls sure had lots of fun and adventures! And here I am just work-work-work!
I must admit, tho, that I was worn out just reading about all of the running around y'all did!