Monday, November 02, 2009

Day one and day two of the Gobsmacked Goddesses Gathering

Besides my foam Margaritaville visor and my Paradise Found greeting sign, I also had our Gail to help me welcome Clare and Anne to Florida. We had a brief chat before Gail had to head on to her sisters and the girls and I headed down to Janet's place on Anna Maria Island. With Clare's help I was less white knuckled driving over my nemesis, The Sunshine Skyway Bridge. She told me to visualize a glass of my favorite wine waiting for me on the other side of the bridge..and it worked. lol

Janet had an amazing dinner waiting for us: roasted stuffed chicken, mashed potatoes,carrots, cranberry sauce (and NOT out of the can), sweet potatoes and 3 kinds of pies. Janet always has been an over achiever! lol

We arose this morning, some of us earlier than others, and let me tell you, the only thing better than coffee on Janet's balcony in the am is a glass of vino in the evening. And I have a new best friend about the whom the other girls are very jealous named Vera whom I met on my morning walk up to the pier. I am sure we will continue our friendship for years and years. (Clare just called me a bad word but it did begin with a capital B).

While Janet was at the chiro dr. (we think she is going just because he is so cute...oh, and she just told us that tomorrow morning he is working on her neck..ya,right!)Clare, Anne and I shopped at some little boutiques nearby. We bought fun stuff here and there.

Then we headed to St. Armands' Circle in Sarasota for more shopping and lunch at the Columia...omy. Be still my heart. We headed to Beall's Outlet for white tees for our shirts and then to Bealls' clue but we had fun.

We toasted the sunset and once again, Janet cooked amazing goodies for us, the highlight being a brown rice with pistachios and pomegranate seeds. Oh YUM>

We're winding down now but be sure to check out Anne's, Clare's (yes! she actually blogged! has only been 2 years!) and Janet's for their version of our fun!

Love to all and smoochies


Pam in Moncton said...

Fun! Sounds like a great time! Keep the reports coming!

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