Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Morning Day Three

Our wild adventure Part I is coming to an end. We stayed up late last night laughing and posing for pictures but still managed to get up early for a brisk walk to the Pier for coffee and breakfast. Clare, our brave little KIWI frolicked in the 74 degree water in Janet's pool while I dangled my tootsies in the hot tub. Janet wanted to show us how some of the buttons worked and, long story short, we are now waiting for the pool man to fix whatever it was Janet did. She is off to the chiro guy AGAIN, Clare has hiked up to the post office and Anne is packing up some of the huge amounts of food Janet has been plying us with since our arrival to take on to Part II of our adventure: lunch in Cortez and on to Disney. More updates to follow.

The picture of Clare with the plate is her first ever bite of Key Lime Pie (a from scratch one by Janet). She was in heaven!!!

Hope everyone has a great day!

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