Saturday, December 05, 2009

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas

Our house is all decked out for the holidays and I have loaded my blog play list with lots of fun seasonal music. Our friends from the other coast arrive here sometime this morning and our party starts at 3pm. Our fresh pine candy cane wreath was delivered yesterday and the house smells divine. I am in full holiday mode. I am looking forward to this weekend more than any I have in quite some time since this is our first resuming of a tradition E and I love...inviting friends for food and laughter.

E and I have another holiday tradition that we follow. We are both German in our heritage (he on both sides of his family and me on just one) and many old German families have a Christmas tree for each member of the family in addition to the large family tree. E has his tree out on the lanai. It is a bit of a Charley Brown tree with no ornaments but multi colored lights on the spindly branches. It sits atop the small refrigerator and fills the lanai with holiday cheer. I have my own tree in my workroom. It is a retro looking lime green one and I have filled the tree, whom I call Lucille (after Lucille Ball, the queen of retro in my book), with funny ornaments. Friends have contributed to Lucille from time to time as well. She sits on a small table in front of the window facing out into our front lawn and, coming home from Book Club the other night,I noticed E had plugged her in and she looked grand.

E is doing aok. His eye was swollen shut this morning again but just one application of the frozen peas bag helped quite a bit. He is taking his meds and behaving himself so that he can be a good host for the party today.

Hope your holidays are getting off to a bright start like ours! Please leave me a little note and share one of your holiday traditions with me. Thanks,


madcow said...

My holiday tradition is to go out every year, buy three packets of Christmas cards and then find them on New Years day still not opened (or sent). Perhaps this year??? LOL

altar ego said...

Hmm, traditions. Since adulthood I don't really have my own traditions, but when I was a wee thing the most anticipated part of each day leading up to Christmas was the Advent calendar. My mom had made ours, a Christmas tree cut out of felt on a while felt banner. Below were pockets numbered one to twenty-four. Each day one of us (kids) took a turn discovering what was in the pocket and pinning it like an ornament onto the tree. On the twenty-fourth it was always a star which went on the top of the tree. For us kids waiting to see what was in the pocket each night was high drama. And then, of course, deciding where to place it on the tree was a matter of great personal deliberation. But the Advent tree stands out in my memory as a highlight of the season.