Friday, December 04, 2009

Tis the Season

I snagged this off my friend, Anne's, blog this morning. Sure hope she doesn't mind but it sure sums up the last couple of days in our lives...

Today, E looks like he went ten rounds with a pro boxer. His eye is swollen almost shut and yes, the eye lid is drooping already with the severed nerve. He says he feels ok. He told me if the neighbors ask, he'll tell them I beat him regularly which I might have to do if he tells them that!

It is suppose to be cold and wet through tomorrow but our Open House (that E does not want to call an open house for some reason known only to him)for our local Tarpon Springs/Palm Harbor friends and our two imported ones from Titusville (yeah...Kim and Jerry are coming)is still on with some minor rearrangements of seating. The rain is suppose to abate by the time the party is to start and, with his dr. prescribed drugs and timely application of bags of frozen peas, perhaps some of E's swelling will go down.

Kristen had a dr. apt. a couple of days ago and got to hear Baby A and Baby B's heart beats for the first was somersaulting around and the other asleep with its hand to its face according to the sonogram. I can't wait to see the newest pics!

I am tired of waiting the kids to order our family pics from Hector so we'll be placing our order either today or Monday and they can place theirs when they are ready.

Happy Friday to one and all.

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Roz said...

glad to hear that E is on the mend...think of his battle bruises being kin to Marlon Brando in Street Car named Desire. I can see him in the alley calling "Stella...Stella" Tell E to call to you, "Jules....Jules!!!"
Peas be with you darlin!
love ya