Sunday, December 13, 2009

A lovely evening was had by all

Last night was the 3rd. annual Stocking Pals Exchange (and for me, my last). I drew Michele's name a year ago and spent the last eleven months finding things I thought she might like. I hope she was happy with her gifts. I was ecstatic with mine from Gerri-anne. And the best of all was the life sized dress form torso whom I am holding a blog contest to name (I shall post a picture tomorrow and start the contest!). It is my last because life has a way of changing and I always told myself I would try to stay as adaptable to the changes in our lives as I could. So, giving up the Stocking Pals was one of my adaptations to the changes we are embracing and facing in the year ahead.

My(our) priorities have shifted significantly this year: we are to become grandparents, we are facing some very serious health issues and having to make some life altering decisions about them. To those who do understand, I thank you. To those who don't, I am sorry that you don't.

This week is going to bring some medical results that can affect how we live our lives this next year. The less impact these decisions have on others, the better as then our choices are easier made in our best interests. I can not, in good conscious, sign up to participate in a year long quest when I can not guarantee that I can follow through financially or physically. I am entwined in a family that is close and whose emotional well being is bound between us. When one of us is in need, the others are there 110%.

And, my job today was cookie taster and I did it well. While E and Kristen had their annual cookie cook off, Chris and I finished decorating the tree, put out the set arounds and cleaned up the lanai so Chris could hang the holiday lights there. Then we googled Pinellas County Twins groups and signed Kristen up for a mommy support group.

I wish I had pictures to post of the Stocking Pals party as the event at Linda's was wonderous. Thanks Linda for hosting it and making my last year as a member so special. And thanks to Ga for the lovely gifts and to her and Barb for our friendship.

I have EDITED this post because, upon reflection, I do not feel that my reference to "those who live independently of others might not understand my position" was not fair to my many friends who are not married and/or who do not have children. Marital status has nothing to do with understanding. These are my feelings and my reasons for the choices I make and I am sorry if some chose to take these far more personally than they were meant to be.


Judy said...

I always read about your stocking pals exchange and wish the group of girls in MI would do one some day- but most of us have kids. or some other obligations and we just never can seem to make it work. I hope that you and yours have a glorious holiday and that your find yourself with good health in the coming weeks. I will think good thoughts for you and yours...good luck Jules- I enjoy reading about your adventures- here are to many more!!

Kip said...

Interesting blog Jules, too bad it's so far fetched. I've just sent you an email. Enough.