Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Quick Post

Happy Dec. 1 and now the countdown begins...

We woke to fog and cool temps this morning but the fog has burned off and the sun is out. I have WW weigh in this morning and the meeting then we are off to finish some Christmas shopping. We need to stop by the kids house and pick up a buffet table for the party Sat.

Had a lovely lunch with Gloria at Bon Appetite in Dunedin...beautiful view of Honeymoon Island and yummy food and I left my camera at home so no pictures today. Vixen matched my lipstick and I bought some new blush and some chocolate shimmery eye shadow too.

Hope your first day of December is a great one.


altar ego said...

I love Vixen! And Bon Appetite was recommended by the guy at Q as a good place to eat. Lucky you! Enjoy your day, dear one!

Janet M said...

Have a wonderful day today and good luck at you WW weigh in.

elle said...

i've had a good day! been putting up decorations, listening to christmas music & drinking yummy eggnog :)