Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Storm heading our way

We've had several cold and foggy mornings here in Paradise and, according to the weather man, we have some chances (like 80%) of getting high winds and lots of rain and cooler temps through Sat. Bummer. Our open house is Sat. afternoon so, of course, we are hoping everything moves through fast and dried up by late afternoon.

The other morning, E called me in to see Goof who had burrowed under the covers in an attempt to stay warm during his early morning nap (which is followed by his mid morning nap, his before lunch nap...well, you get the picture). He is one lazy old cat!

E goes in for his surgery tomorrow morning. We have to have him at the hospital around 6 am and I'm not sure how long it will last. We believe that the dr. will do the skin graft along with the carcinoma removal and we are hoping all goes well. All prayers and good thoughts will be appreciated!

Have a good one!


Amy said...
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elle said...

i'll say a prayer for e tomorrow. get a good nights sleep.


madcow said...

You just know that I will not rest easy until I get word that "my man" is ok. Big hugs Jules - I know you are feeling it all yourself. Love & hugs Clare

Whippet said...

Hope all goes well for E, hugs to you both!