Sunday, December 06, 2009

Some Enchanted Evening

What happens when you mix your local friends, a couple from your old days in St. Louis, some gals from your Book Club and your fun gals from your Friday Night Scrap Gang at Ruban Rouge (local scrap store)? You get one enchanted evening. Everyone melded, mingled, discovered they had lots in common besides E and me. What happened was magic and fun and I want to thank all who could attend our first annual Holiday Pot Luck Party here in our tiny town. Hoping those who could not attend, will be able to do so next year and please know you were missed. We've already added to our invite list just as we use to do when we would have an open house in St. Louis and in Ft. Myers. I hope all who attended had as much fun as E and I did.

Kim, Jerry (our friends from ST. Louis who now live in Titusville), E and I are meeting Kristen and Chris at Tuela's on the Trail for brunch later today. I can't wait to see the latest pictures of our little Baby A and Baby B. and to see the kids. We have not seen them since they got back from St. Louis.

E gets his stitches out in a week. The biopsy results should be back by then and the lid tuck surgery will be scheduled for six weeks from that date. His eye is less swollen this morning than the last two. We're hoping for good results.

Hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season. Ours is off to the best start possible with good company and good friends.

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madcow said...

Waving to Miss Suzie, Bekky & Bob!!! Wish I'd been there!!!