Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What a day...

We had an appointment with our bank first thing in the morning yesterday to file our fraud papers over the stolen ATM card. The young man who helped us told us the thieves had already been caught. We'll have the money back into our account (new ATM card coming)by the end of the week.

Our next stop was Target for the last of some gift buying and our continuing search for a friend for a Snowman shower curtain for her bathroom. Sorry Suzie, no luck yet!

I headed up to Ruban Rouge to help set up for Lisa's Open House. While I could not stay for the actual event (back to the bank for some other papers that we were not told we needed to sign that morning), I did get to play with the new Kaiser Kraft Christmas papers and embellishments that were fresh off the Fed Ex truck. I set up the display for her while she and the crew worked on putting out the food and setting up the make n takes (way cute too btw). I helped cut some ribbons and some dies and then had to head towards town and the bank. I did get to chat with my friend, Jackie before I left and we are making plans to do a mini crop at one of our homes over the holidays until our Friday night crops at Ruban Rouge resume.

And here are the babies: Baby A and Baby B at nine weeks. The kids called last night to update us as to the kids progress at twelve weeks, 5 days. While there is no guarantee, the sono tech made an educated guess that one is a boy and one is a girl. All tests came back aok and the babies were rocking and rolling away.

My blog post went up at www.kreativekaboodling.blogspot.com today. Take a gander if you get a chance...with thanks.

Off to WW check in today and then for my mammo exam. Hope your day is a good one

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rebecca lucille said...

A boy AND a girl! Oh that's fabulous! I hope the tech is right! That would be just grand! Sorry I didn't get by RR yesterday... not much sleep before working... ugh.
Hope all goes well with WW and the mammo...such fun! HA!
By the way.. you must fill me in on the ATM theft! You're connection to the police, and you didn't tell me! :-)
later tater!