Sunday, January 03, 2010


Welcome to Florida and don't forget your long johns! It is more than brisk here today; it is downright cold. At least the sun is shinning and no snow, so far! lol

Yesterday, Jo and I bundled up and walked the path through Craig Park and around Spring Bayou. The stand is already in place for the Epiphany Ceremony to be held here in our little town on Wed. and I showed Jo where E and park ourselves on the hillside for the best viewing. I read that the service and event here is the largest held in the U.S. and,when the crowds start gathering, I can believe it. And, right before Jo and I were heading back to the car we spotted the footprints of manatee in the bayou. There they were...three of them floating and grazing just below the surface of the water. The tide was out but the basin must be deep enough for these gentle giants to swim through. Because the water is brackish, all you can really see in the photos is the tail of one of them. I missed the shot where one poked his nose way up out of the water. Next time.

We're off to the Farmer's Market today here in town and will meet up with Bill and Jo there. This afternoon Rob is coming for his birthday dinner and to give his ol' mom some assistance with a couple of downloads for my new laptop, Vera.

Hope everyone has a great day...oh, and the cause way to our island beach is open again...look out beach, once the temps get above 50! lol


Janet M said...

Please warm it up a little before we get down there. It looks cold! Have a nice day with the market and Rob's birthday celebration.

rebecca lucille said...

I'm so excited about Howard Park being open again! I can't wait til it's 80 degrees out again so I can leave my house!!!!
I may have to move further south for the winter!
I hope y'all have a great day!!

madcow said...

Manatees??? I think not. None-a-tees more like and that's just the shadows from the trees! LOL OK, so it's sour grapes. Looks a nice morning to spend with a friend!

Deanna said...

Well, we have been freezing here in Savannah, let me tell ya! We met some old friends of Bill's today in SC and I was telling them about your piece of paradise down there. They're here from Arizona looking for a new home. They're headed to FL in a couple of days.
Hope you warm up soon! Hope we do too! It was only 34 today!!!!