Thursday, January 21, 2010

road Trip to Hilarity

Jo and I headed out at about 9:30 this morning, destination Anna Maria Island via Sarasota! and we made it over the bridge without a single mishap and I did my usual by paying for the car behind me. It is such fun. Sometimes the car catches up to me and the driver waves and smiles and sometimes the car drives by with such a puzzled expression on the driver's face it makes me smile.

We made one pit stop and then met Janet at an lss that was 'going out of business' but you couldn't tell it by the prices. I did manage to find some really cute TWINS papers and some baby boy stuff that was not blatant baby paper if you know what I mean.

We ate at our favorite place on Anna Maria, The Sand Bar. Unfortunately, it was far too windy to sit outside although we gave it a valiant shot. I'm sure in a day or two our hair will resume its natural about Windy City! lol

We went back to Janet's Beach House and opened the gifts Clare sent us. OMG...we laughed til we cried and Jo recorded it all. The pictures here only tell a smidgen of the story...

Clare sent Janet and I both a wonderful children's book all about New Zealand Beach Houses and I can't wait to read it to the twins. I know Janet will want to share it with Cynthia for sure. She also send us the cutest wine carry bags which we are modeling here showing their versatility!

I am so glad that my oldest best friend and one of my dearest best friends found so much in common and that they enjoyed each others' company as much as I do theirs. Maybe what 'they' say is true about mutual attractions of kindred spirits.


Janet M said...

It's the 101 uses for portable beach house designed wine bags. LOL What a wonderful afternoon with you and Jo, I enjoyed it . All we needed to make it complete on the 101 ways to wear it is use it for an - - - - -.

Amy said...

What fun pictures Jules, looks like you girls had a great day!!! You better scrap those... and you are gettin' skinny, lady!

Maria said...

How fun, and it is amazing you didn't need bail money! Love the wine bags!

rebecca lucille said...

Oh I have GOT to meet Janet! Too much fun going on here!