Saturday, January 23, 2010

Baby Goodies and Dinner at Mykanos

Kristen and I went baby shopping yesterday. She wanted to register at Baby Depot and I wanted to visit Home Goods and since they are are close to one another, off we went. While she was finalizing her registration, I roamed through the baby clothes and found these absolutely must have cute outfits for the boys. I love the fact that there are three pieces including onesies, long pants and cute little jackets. I found a darling little surfer guy outfit but one had the wrong size. I think that while the boys are little, the kids will dress the twins alike but probably not when they get older. So Nana Jules is on the search for two of everything right now.

We had soup and salad special at Chili's and the black bean soup was spicy and tasty! and then it was on to Home Goods and Old Navy. We did find some sweet zoo themed towels for the bath that Chris is redoing which will double for company and the boys. It is currently done in ducks with lots of yellow so the zoo towels will be perfect for a change of pace. The boys room is being redone in a zoo/jungle theme so even better yet.

Jo and Bill took us out to Mykanos last night and it was, as always, simply amazing. OPA! Jo and I split our dinners: Greek meatballs, tender and just enough spice, and Greek Shrimp (sauteed in lemon butter and Greek spices). The guys had lamb shank and lamb something else. We were too busy mopping up the lemon butter sauce with the freshly baked bread to even notice but they assured us it was good.
We all have the lemon chicken soup and the sides of the amazing Greek potatoes. Can you say, heaven?

I am off to the fund raiser crop for Kimberly House here in Clearwater today with the Friday Night Crop Crew (or most of us)and can't wait. I'm packed and ready to go. I just need to do map quest for the directions, load the car and away I'll go.

Hope everyone has a great day.


altar ego said...

Love your twin finds! And your meal sounds fabulous--I adore Greek food! Have a ball at the crop today. I'm fighting a nasty headache this morning and am trying to distract myself with blogs!

Janet M said...

Adorable outfits for the boys and great towels also. Enjoy your crop today and get a lot done.

Kath said...

Cute outfits!