Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Table for Six, please

My friend, Sandy, and my friend, Glo are two of the most amazing hostesses. The first time I was asked to lunch at Sandy's her table was set with an interesting center piece, pretty napkins, sparkling glass and pretty plates. The food was fresh and delightful and just enough. She kept the conversation lively and fun. When I was invited to Glo's she had covered her large coffee table with a beach throw, had sprinkled shells about and had candles glowing in assorted glass holders. The finger food added to the beach picnic ambiance and was so delightful. These women and others at whose homes I have had the pleasure to be invited are true hostesses. They take joy in the art of entertaining and make a women's luncheon an event to be remembered.

We had Jo and Bill over for dinner last night and I wanted to take a page from these
two women to set the table with something more than just plates and silverware. E's cooking is memorable enough for most people but I wanted to create something special for all of us as we had also invited the friends who are staying with Bill and Jo. I was not so much trying to impress these people (Jo and I have known each other far too long for that) but rather make the table a canvas for E's creations. I wanted them to feel important to me through my efforts. Thank heavens for the Camellia bush that not only survived the frost but has been serving up palm sized blossoms for the past few days. I floated three of them in an assortment of glass bowls between lit candles.

While I am no where in the league with Sandy and Glo, I am pretty happy with how the table looked and everyone seemed to have a good time!

Jo and I are off to brunch with Sandy at Marsha's this morning. And I hear the hot tub calling to me later today. Hope your day is a delight!


altar ego said...

I love a pretty table. Your camelias are gorgeous, and I'm sure they were a wonderful complement to E's cuisine. Nicely written post, by the by!

Alisha said...

How pretty! I, too, love a beautiful table. Some people just have that knack for it, you know? Your table looks lovely. :)