Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Miss Vickie's kind of day

Jo, Sandy and I joined Marcia this morning for coffee, tea, good muchies and great conversation. Jo has been so impressed by the friendliness and warm acceptance by this group of women who are a combination of Book Club ladies, crafty pals and my AWOL buds, Glo and Sandy. Marcia lives in the same subdivision that E and I came very close to buying into before we found this home...deja vous all over again.

With great reluctance, Jo and I took our leave and headed back down towards Dunedin to visit Rainbow's End which is a fabric (quilting) store. And I found all these amazing ribbons and trims, some of which I'll be using on my Valentine bags. (and yes, Becky the yellow-y green one is yours!). I finally found a source for the hand dyed French ribbons I would buy in Ft. Myers and about 2.5 hours I have been in love with these and Rainbow's End carries them in all widths. And Janet, the cupcake ribbon is for you!

I dropped Jo off after we hit a consignment shop and headed home. E's first words were...let's head out to Miss Vickies'; it's a Miss Vickie's kind of day...and it is.
The sun is out, I've had the top down on Hot Mama, the temps are up and some Buffet music was on the jukebox. We meet some friends and shared some wings, swapped laughes and told old 'war' stories. Our favorite waitress there, Blair, was her usual chipper self and said the live music starts up early next week...yeah!

Hope everyone has a Miss Vickie's kind of day!


altar ego said...

I'm trying to make valentines and could use your inspiration!

Laura said...

Love that cupcake ribbon! Actually all of it is pretty.

Janet M said...

That all really pretty ribbon, that cupcake one is a wonderful one though. It sounds like you have been having a lot of fun and productive days .