Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A toast to Tuesday!

Our weather here has been improving day by day. It is almost 50 here right now and the sun has not even begun to peek through the dark sky. I have Weight Watchers this morning but am not expecting any great loss. Temptation has been winning lately over will power. I'll be happy if the weight gain is 2lbs or under. I am surprised though that all my clothes are fitting better despite the amazing foods E has been cooking lately for our friends and us. I think the extra yoga classes are really helping.

While I have the unlimited yoga classes pass at the Goddess Temple Studio, I'm going to try to do 3 a week at the studio and one a week with Gretchen at the church. When I start buying the 4 class pass, I'll probably do one at each place and a couple of practices with the dvd I bought. I am seeing such an improvement in my flexibility and balance! E and I want to get back to our morning biking too now that the weather is getting better.

I have a yoga practice this morning and will leave WW a bit early. Yesterday I cleaned off my desktop entirely (actually putting things where they belong for a change) and redid my odds and ends drawer. I couldn't even get it closed, I had some many things stuffed in there. Thanks for being my inspiration, Gail! Today, it is the ribbons...eeek. And some more work on the fabric covered album. I am loving this and want to take my time with it. The fabric roses are harder than I thought so I need to practice a bit more with the pattern.

Hope your Tuesday is toast-able!


Teresa said...

can't wait to see this fabric covered album....sounds lovely.

altar ego said...

Isn't it wonderful to tidy up the space? I'm like a new woman in mine. Looking forward to seeing that album! I hope the day is toast-able, too!