Friday, February 12, 2010

Book Club at our house

Last night was our turn to host Book Club and, since it was so close to Mardi Gras, one of E an my favorite celebrations, we went with a Creole/Cajun theme for supper. E fixed a wonderful Gumbo over long grained rice and I fixed a side salad to accompany the Gumbo. We bought a King Cake at the grocery and Nancy found the baby. I thought that meant good luck for the year and E thought it meant the finder of the baby hosted the next party.

Unclear about this, I googled King Cake and found this site with lots of interesting information including a recipe by Emeril for making your own King Cake.

There were ten of us regulars and two lovely guests last night. We were missing our beloved Glo who is still recovering from her foot surgery. You were very missed, Glo.

My new friend, Marcia, (thanks for the intro Glo) was my guest for Book Club and brought this lovely candle. The sand and shells came from Honeymoon Island. Marcia is also a stamper and a crafter and project she was knitting looks so lovely.

These are all talented, witty and warm women in Book Club and I am so pleased to be a member. Thank you all.


madcow said...

Looks a fabulous evening darl and what a gorgeous bunch of women! Must show Robyn the candle - what a lovely gift idea!

Janet M said...

Everything looks beautiful Jules, with the tables and the decorations. Sounds like a really nice evening.