Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We get by with a little help from our friends....

(sing it now) gonna get by with a little help from our friends! Between Chuck and Linda and Jill and Kelly, E and I are set for awhile with our Missouri wines. We can not find them here anywhere and we can't get them imported through the wineries so we count on our friends who do take oh so such good care of us. When we learned last year that my friend, Sandy, and her hubby, Walt, were driving through Mo. wine country, we asked them to bring us back two vignoles and, bless their hearts, they did. Florida wines are made out of anything but grapes (ok...there are 3 aok wineries in the entire state). We're a fruit (not grape) state and those just don't make it for wine, pineapple wine, mango wine...I ask you now? really?

So, thanks to you all who keep and I well supplied with our favorite Missouri wines and bless you!


rebecca lucille said...

hey! don't be talkin' trash about my Florida wines!!! tee hee! You haven't lived til you have a scuppernong wine!!!
see ya Saturday! (by the way I'm serving Sangria... ) kiss kiss!

Janet M said...

LOL on the wine some of those sound terrible. You have to come to see us in North East some time we have 6 places in town and host the Wine Festival every year.
Mssing you and see you next weekend though for some scrapping and stamping.