Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ah, Spring (crossing my fingers)

First and foremost, happy birthday to my baby sister, Janet...many many more and will see you at Easter!

It was a beautiful day here in Paradise...the birds were singing, the sun was shinning and I was back in sync. I still have the remnants of the sinus headaches from the infection but realized this morning when I was rationalizing that I really didn't need to got to the WW meeting (again!), that I did need to go. It is about accountability which is why Weight Watchers works for me. As long as I do the program, I lose weight; when I start doing something else, I don't. It is a s simple as that. I could use being sick for the past 3 wks. as an excuse but that does not make the couple of lbs go away, now does it?

Yesterday I returned to yoga after only making practice here and there during the set back. It felt great. The next logical step was to do a WW meeting, own up and see how much damage I had done by going off the program. Enough but not not so much (no matter how much it was) to not start again.

I rode my bike to the library and checked out some book. The library is about 4.5 miles from my house and it felt great. I fixed a salad for lunch and E trimmed our supper down to 7 or 8 pts. (thank you, dear E). And, I signed up for a 5k walk with Becky D and some of her friends for April. One day at a time and I can make goal.

Tomorrow is yoga and then lunch out with Becky D. Marathon Grill has some great dishes that fit my plan. One day at a time and I can make goal...my new mantra!

Hope your day was a great one.


altar ego said...

Glad you're feeling better and that spring has made an appearance! I have every faith in you for sticking to your WW plan. I don't have accountability, so I'm not losing! Oh well, a size 16 dress for the wedding is my reality.

madcow said...

I just signed up to WW again yesterday! Snap! I know what I should be doing but somehow shelling out that damned meeting $$$ makes me do it! LOL Don't want to waste money now do we!! LOL Now tell me, does three bottles of wine = 18 points???