Monday, March 22, 2010

St. Pat's pictures (belatedly)

I had misplaced my pocket camera for a couple of days but just discovered it in the saddle bags of my bike so here are some shots from last week's St. Pat's in Dunedin. We had originally planned to attend the street party in old Palm Harbor but that fell through and we took a pass. So, when we read in the paper that Flannigan's was sponsoring a street party in Dunedin, we gathered ourselves together and drove down for some corned beef and cabbage.

Dunedin was a virtual sea of green from about half way up Main to the east end. While the crowd was an older one, the party was in full swing and lots of dancing in the streets with the enthusiastic crowd! We even met some people from St. Louis who noticed my Pat's tee shirt from Dog Town. We were told a younger crowd appears later in the evening but this crowd suited us just fine.

And what is St. Pat's with out green beer?

I've always had a thing for bag pipes (and the pipers) and this Dunedin group was very good! It is nice to see young people interested in things like pipes and drums and this type of music.

Yesterday, here in Tarpon Springs was another type of celebration. It was Glendi, the Greek Independence Day. There was a big parade scheduled and festivities at the Greek Community Center. I am hoping the rain did not stop the parade. E was painting and I was dozing on the couch and we missed the whole thing. There is always next year.

The thing I love most about living where we do is the varied festivals and activities available to us on a weekly if not daily basis. I love the fact that I can ride my bike to my dr.'s office or to yoga class or the library. We have a choice of a dozen Gulf side restaurants within ten to fifteen minutes of our house and that we have the choice of not one but three or four different beaches from which to pick for a sunny day's pleasure. And did I mention the people...from Book Club to the Crop Crew at Ruban Rouge, from the yoga gals to our favorite gal, Suzie, we have met so many wonderful people. This is home!

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