Saturday, April 17, 2010

Adventures in Paradise: Day one

After a breakfast of E's infamous baked apple pancakes with roasted pecans and ice cream, Pam and I hit the road...rather, we walked and walked. We went through the Anclote Park, over the bridge toward town, back across the Alt 19 bridge and back home. We did about four miles and at least walked off the ice cream.

We headed out to Port Richey to the Crab Shack, which is open despite rumors circulating to the contrary. E and Pam split a doz oysters and we dinned on fried clams and crab stuffed mushrooms while we listened to some steel drum island music and enjoyed the breeze off the Cotee River.

Our next stop was Hooters on the Gulf for a brew and view and then on to Snookers to tell Suzie where we would be after she got off work. From Snookers, we headed out to our favorite spot on the Anclote River, Miss Vicky's. Kristen joined us, along with Bob, Suzie and Justin, and Buddy. We ate a late supper and then all headed back to our house for some pool time.

We had a great day and I think it was good for E to be surrounded by friends and fun. He will have little of the fun in the next couple of days as he heads home to St. Louis to say goodbye to his Mom for the last time. Good thoughts are appreciated.

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Deb said...

Looks like a great time! Tell Pam I said hi! Sending good thoughts for E too. (((hugs)))