Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pam's visit Day Two: Sat.

We headed down to Sarasota around ten and shopped our way around St. Armond's Circle to meet up with Janet at the Columbia Restaurant for our favorites: black bean soup and for Pam, gazpacho, and the 1905 Salad! And then it was more and more shopping. Don't we just look so stunning in our "South Beach" hats? We inducted Pam into the Mad Hatters Society before we headed back to Janet's.

We were joined by Janet's brother, Steve, whom we all love to pieces and Marsha and her husband, Bruce, who are good friend's of Steve's. Janet and Bob outdid themselves with steaks cooked to order, an assortment of veggies and Pioneer Woman's smashed potatoes. We sat over Baily's and Janet's can't be beat pine apple upside down cake and double chocolate brownies.

Nothing beats toasting the sunset from their balcony on Anna Maria Island on the beach!

Stay turned for Day three!

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Janet M said...

I miss both of you and had so much fun with everyone. Breakfast on the pier this morning was wonderful - can't wait to get together again soon. By the way you can keep the sharpie!