Monday, April 12, 2010

Gail and Jules Day Out Part I

How two women can cram so much into such a short amount of time, I'll never know. But we did. I met up with my friend Gail in front of the train station today in Dunedin. From there we hit the shops on a run. We found far too many pretties and had such fun.

I inducted Gail into the "Mad Hatters Society". And this cloche is right her alley, don't you think. Next time she is in town, we'll have to hit Retro Rosies just past Sarasota! Now they have some hats.

Gail was not suppose to look so great in the hats but this one was stunning on her and she bought it for her walks back in Vermont. Ah, I did not buy a hat for obvious

After shopping we jumped into Hot Mama, my transformer mid life crisis convertible, put down the top and tooled down to Bon Appetite for lunch on their veranda.

Gail had the fish and chips and I love how they serve the fries in these cute little cones.

I had the firecracker shrimp in a sweet garlic butter sauce and it was sooooooooo good. Spicy but not too !

(and thank you dear Gail for turn next time).

Be sure to scroll down to view part II. It was so good to see Gail. We met on a scrap booking message board (as close as we can figure) in 2001 or 02. We were part of a group who would post to each other early in the morning. We'd say hello, tell about our lives, our goals for the day and beyond and, over time have become a group of good friends who, to this day still start their mornings together. We've lost some, gained some and we no longer "meet" on that old message board but have moved to a private one but every morning, like clock work, we check in with each other and many of us have met in real life. Our group has members from four countries and many many states from the east coast to the west, north and south. Raising my glass to the Early Birds...long may they cheep!


altar ego said...

Oh, fun! You two obviously had a good time, and good for you for dipping into fabrics! Moda has a great site with all sorts of little projects, detailed with photos and instructions, step by step, that you might enjoy, even though they are for sewing! I find them inspiring just in general.

Miss you!

Maria said...

Sounds just about perfect! (Except that the rest of us weren't there either). Isn't it funny how some people can pull off the whole hat thing and others (like me) look horrible in hats? Glad you guys had a good time.

Marie-Claire said...

Jules, sounds like a fun day! Was that in the early days of rec,crafts.scrapbooks the newgroup or after that?