Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pam's Last Day (Monday)

After fortifying ourselves with coffee, we headed out to the cause way at Howard Park to the beach. We parked on the far side and walked to the beach, around it and back to the car. It was only a couple of miles but the weather was cool and the view breathtaking.

We spent the afternoon pool side reading and just enjoying another beautiful day in Paradise. E called after the funeral which he said was very well done. He got to see almost all his old friends and relatives and said it was an uplifting service given by an old family friend.

Pam and I got cleaned up, headed to Rainbow's End for some ribbons and fabric and then stopped to meet up with some friends at Snookers and then on to Captain Jack's right on the river for sunset. We went to Mykanos Restaurant on the Sponge Docks as Pam had been wanting some authentic Greek and this is one of E and my's favorite ones in our area.

Of course we had to get the saganaki haloumi, the flaming cheese to start and lots of other goodies to follow. We hit the sack pretty early because 4:30 am came very quickly for us.

I just got back from the airport dropping off Pam. It is so hard to say goodbye. E gets in at 1pm, so I'll do some laundry, straighten up a bit and then head on out to pick him up in a bit. It will be so good to get him back home.

My sister is in a lot of pain from the break in her arm. They did something to 'set' the break but I have not gotten all the details. Hoping she is feeling better soon so the other procedures can take place. Know I am thinking good thoughts for you, Janet!

Hope everyone has a great day!


Chris said...

Oh my!!!!! so sorry to hear about E's mom!!!!!!!!!!!!! What happen to your sis' arm??? and so glad visit with pam was fun! miss ya!

Janet M said...

I hope that your sister gets to feeling better, she really has had a rough time this past year.
You really got some beautiful pictures yesterday.