Monday, April 19, 2010


After a leisurely cup of coffee or two and quiet morning conversation on Janet's balcony overlooking the Gulf, we took a walk on the beach and practiced our yoga We stalked the funniest looking bird who actually seemed to pose for us and I'll put some of his pictures up tomorrow.

After our exercise on the beach, we gathered up the menfolk and headed to the Pier for a great breakfast. I can not begin to describe the seafood omelet except to say...YUM! Huge shrimp, generous amounts of genuine crab meat and sea scallops so sweet!

Around one pm, Pam and I loaded our things into Hot Mama and, in a bit of a rain, headed back north to Tarpon Springs. We video chatted with Clare who was home sick with a cold (get better soonest dear Clare) and were still so stuffed after our huge breakfast that we snacked on crackers, cheese and sausage for our dinner.

We have a walk planned for Spring Bayou this morning and some roaming around town for the rest of the day with a side trip to Dunedin perhaps or we might even make a road trip to Violette's as it has been far too long for me and I don't think Pam has even been. We're contemplating a Greek dinner down on the Sponge Docks but time will tell.

Pam's flight leaves tomorrow morning early and E's gets in early evening. It was not the same sleeping in that empty on one side bed last night. I miss him! I talked to him yesterday afternoon and he was out with Steve and Dee Dee who are taking excellent care of him. The viewing is from 9-11 CT and the service for his mom at 11. There is a reception following that. Losing a parent is never easy. It is a severing of a part of oneself from one's past and one's connections.

Additional good thoughts please for my sister. She was to have undergone a procedure today to determine the extent of the treatment for her cancer. Instead, she will be getting a cast or something done to her arm where she broke it yesterday. It doesn't rain but it pours. She is blessed with an attentive boyfriend and daughter!

Hope everyone has a great day.


Laura said...

Not sure how I missed the news about E's mom but you guys are in my prayers. Also sorry to hear about your sister.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about E's mom. I didn't know about it until I saw your Facebook post. Hope things go as well as they can for your sister too! Take care:-)

Janet M said...

LOL great pictures of us on the beach. I enjoyed our time together so much and it was wonderful getting to meet Pam.