Monday, May 24, 2010

The Happiness Quotient

I have been reading a lot about HAPPINESS lately in a personal quest to discover why I am an a essentially happy person. It is not that life has always gone smoothly for me or that friends have always been true or I've lived the life of the rich and famous or had everything I've ever imagined my life to be come true...BUT, I am a happy person.

Life has dealt E and I some blows...we've lost 3 of of our 4 parents; my sister has battled cancer; E has major heart issues; we have to save for eons to do the things we want...BUT we are happy.

Life has dealt us far more joys...Rob lives the life he has wanted to and still finds time to come visit the 'ol' folks'; Kristen and Chris' dream is coming true so soon so soon! (and ours also); we revel in our existence; we celebrate our joys daily...the small things: the lavender, the solar lights at night that light the path to the lower lawn, the roses in all colors and aromas...and the gardenias...oh me oh my!
We take pleasure in our food: fresh seafood, fresh greens from the farmers' markets and herbs from our small garden, and Dinner Club with our friends.

and our friends...who add to our happiness every day. My gfs Pam and Janet with whom I have coffee every morning; our friend Clare from NZ with whom I have vino when she is waking or vice versa and my oldest pal Jo and Bill with whom we are cruising the Med this fall; our Hazelwood Central pals who still stay in touch...we have been blessed with a rich and amazing group of friends. And the most incredible part of this is that when we mix them...they all fall in love with each other!

So, am I happy? YES can any one possibly be this happy and not have it a "LIE LIE LIE"? YEP YEP YEP!


Jacqueline said...

I'm with you sister!

Like you and I, anyone can choose to be happy by being grateful for the magnificent gardenias (my favourite!) roses and outdoor lights. They can choose to be careful of who they let in to their lives - wonderful, sharing friends.

We all choose what we focus on - it's just a matter of focusing on the good and being grateful.

Live Life Happy!

madcow said...

Right back at ya! Showing E the contents of my fridge, toasting you those mornings when we find our cameras, knowing you, E & Janet ... my bliss and my "happy". Aren't we lucky to have found the real things in our lives. As my nana would say "there are some who know the cost of everything and the value of nothing". Love You!!!