Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A dream comes true!

Ever since Kristen found out she was pregnant, she has wanted to use the "Expectant Family Parking" spots that can be found at some malls and stores. But, until last Sunday when she and I went to Citrus Mall shopping, did her dream come true. Up til then, either the places she and Chris had been shopping were missing this reserved parking or if there were some available, they were full. So, I recorded this moment for her and it will go in her Pregnancy Album.

and, if there were a Baby's Quarterly magazine like there is GQ for men, these Twins would surely make the cover as two of the best dressed little tykes out there! We can't wait to start dressing them up in all the cute clothes they have been given as gifts.

Kristen found the cutest little cargo pants for the boys and paired them with surfer button down shirts...she bought them in 18 mo. as most of the clothes she had received are anywhere from birth to 12 mo.

Hope everyone has a great day! I am off to buy a pack of cheap crayons and some freezer paper for my altered art challenge for this next month at ACOT. I've done this one before years ago and wanted to play some more with it and try a couple of new things I have in mind. I love to see what happens and how something turns out that I haven't done with a tried and true technique! Stay tuned!


altar ego said...

Talk about clothes! I love baby clothes, but I will refrain from getting any more of them for the boys! They will be some of the best-dressed around!

Amy said...

I loved being able to park in those spots!! I was still surprised that Target doesn't have any. She looks so cute-I bet she is getting so excited, and you too!
I live in Palm Harbor now so maybe I'll see you around. Oh and maybe your little grand babies and Brady can meet sometime for a playdate.