Thursday, May 27, 2010

It was a wonderful Wednesday

Diane and I made plans to meet for lunch at Ozona Blue. There is nothing better than a pretty day here in Paradise than having lunch with a friend outside on the water and Ozona Blue is a great place to do just that. Jackie was having some tests run or she'd have joined us. We missed you tons!

Before I could meet Diane, I went to yoga and then to the dentist for the third time in one week. My little yoga instructor is headed to Alaska for a month and those classes won't resume until September but I still have Goddess Temple and Eve so may double my class tickets so I can still get in my 2 practices a week.

Ozona Blue is one of the only places around where you can bring your swim suit and take a dip in their pool before or after your meal. It is surrounded by marinas and has a great view of Honeymoon Island.

Diane got the Southern Fried Chicken salad and took half of it home with her. I had the pork tenderloin sandwich and skipped the bread. Instead, I concentrated on the rice and black beans for my fill food (I was a pretty good Weight Watcher).

It was so nice and breezy that when I got home, E and I headed for the pool for a dip and then down to the lower lawn to grill ribs. They were a tad crunchy on the outside but so tender on the inside. But, the winner in my book was the pasta salad. The recipe came from my Week One book from Weight Watchers and we both love it!

Nothing beats dining al fresco here in Paradise. We opened a nice bottle of wine, put some jazz on the player and had a great time. Come join us sometime.

Busy week end followed by a busy week but today is mine all mine. Tomorrow is Happy Hair Cut day and a sb party at a friends; Sat. is the road trip with Becky, Jean and Jackie; Sunday we are helping K and C put the babies' room together; Monday is a bbq here and Tues/Thurs I volunteer at K's school. Good thing I love to stay busy!

Hope you all have a great day.

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altar ego said...

This post made me miss you. xoxo