Sunday, May 30, 2010

Road Trip Part II

After several more slightly incorrect turns, we did manage to find the shopping town square where She Scraps is located. The town square in the Villages is a bit of a cross between Disney World and There is no litter, plenty of tourists and all the store fronts are uber cute and, like Disney, appear to be straight out of a Norman Rockwell or Thomas Kincaid painting.

Becky was in search of baby girl papers, I was looking for baby boy ones but we neither one wanted cutesy. Jean and Jackie were pursuing their own quests and we all managed to find a few things to buy.

She Scraps is having Teresa Collins in Oct. and now we are thinking of making our Oct. road trip back to the Villages for a weekend of classes and fun. The store is small so our group could easily fill one side of the cropping area as I am sure Diane and maybe Natalie and Janet, if she is down in Fl. would also want to come. Any one else want to join us?

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