Sunday, May 30, 2010

Road Trip Part I

We all met at Rodies' Restaurant in Tarpon Springs at 9 am to begin our BIG ADVENTURE. Sonia, Becky's neighbor, joined Jean, Jackie, Becky and I and the fun began. .
After we put food in our tummies (Becky and I counting our WW points), we headed out on what is the first for the Crew of our road trips. We have others planned already as this one was such a blast. Thank you dear Becky for driving the Miss Daisys!

Our destination was She Scraps scrapbook store in The Villages.

As is typical of a Becky/Jules road trip, we took the 'scenic route'; this is a euphemism for getting lost. But we always find new things out of our trips and this one was no exception. We pulled into what we thought was just a road side fruit stand to get directions. Brown's Market is anything but just another roadside produce stand.

This place is like Fresh Market on speed. It is open air part way and closed the other. Even the carts are cute...wooden wagons! The produce was shinny and pretty and plentiful. Since all four of us are into healthy eating for a variety of reasons, it was as if it was kismet for us to stumble upon this market.

Becky and I went nuts over some Amish licorice especially when we found out that 4 pieces equaled one WW pt. We got watermelon, raspberry, orange and green apple which was the group's overall favorite. I now have far too much of these four kinds...wonder if I can freeze it?

I also found green tomatoes that E had been wanting and everyone got something that was just good looking to resist.

We did finally make it to our destination. Like the saying goes, " is about the journey..."

(parts II, III and IV of Road Trip follow...scroll down please!)

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