Monday, May 31, 2010

Wonderful Sunday

Our friend, Jerry, arrived from Titusville around 11 am and we were over to the kids by noon. The guys started on assembling the babies' beds while Kristen and finished wiping down the baby furniture that had been stored in the garage for the past three years.

The kids used gift cards, coupons and the twin discount and ended up paying less that 20.00 for two very nice mattresses and all the bedding for the boys' room. It was fun to help make up the beds and even more fun watching the guys try to figure out what went where and what to

Not pictured is a dresser w/changing table and a hutch and two shelves for the walls. But, should the boys decide not to wait any longer, they have a lovely room to call their own.

After the room work, Jerry, E and I headed to Molly Goodhead's in Ozona for lunch. This is the same place where E has shared oyster shooters with our dear friends, Pam and Clare. Then we met another friend at Santarini's for drinks on the river and then home for fried green tomatoes and rock shrimp.

It is off to Tuela's on the Trail for breakfast and then the kids will all be over around one. Have a great Memorial Day and hug a vet!


Marie-Claire said...

How exciting for you and yours, Jules! The moment is drawing near for those babies to make an appearance! Can't wait to see the first pictures of the twins! Bet you've made them baby scrapbooks?

madelineas said...

Love the baby's room Jules How exciting for all of you

altar ego said...

Awwww... I can't wait for those kiddos to get here!

Teri said...

I forgot that they have to have two of everything! OMG how excited! Be sure to let us know on the birth! Would love to do some photos!

Roz said...

You all have waited so long to do this!! Everything looks great, and we are all looking forward to the boys and their grand entrance!