Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Remember when you were a kid

and there would be an afternoon summer shower? I know what I did...I'd put on my shinny yellow boots and stomp in the water puddles! I need to make a list of things like this to do with my grandsons.

I had a delightful childhood as I think I have mentioned. I spent almost every summer with my grandmother in a small town in Iowa. I was summer friends with Sally and Susan Willison at the end of the block, played with Susan Loo who lived on the corner and had a good friend one block over (if I cut through the Butterfields' yard!).

During the day, I would ride my bike to the library or take the bus and meet my aunt who worked for the newspaper who then would bring me home in her little snazzy English Ford (oh how Aunt Momie did love to drive stick shift).

After dinner, the neighborhood kids would all gather on the boulevard that ran down the middle of Home Park Blvd. and we'd play badminton, kick the can and tag til our parents (or in my case, Nana) called us home.

I want my grand children to have this type of summer. I think it was easier then as I will have to compete with WII, computer games, DVDs, and who knows what by the time they are old enough to chase lizards and butterflies with me (no fireflies in Fl.)and make sand castles on the beach.

E and figured the other day that when the boys graduate from high school, we will be in our 80s...but the good news is that we are doing everything in our power to make sure we are the healthiest and most loving grandparents we can be.


Deb said...

I was watching my kids run and play in the yard today, and I had a brief flashback of those carefree days. I love it when that happens!

Juliana said...

I love hearing this! I think my grandparents are really trying to do the same thing for my nieces!!! And thank goodness they are still easily entertained with the simple things in life like just swinging or riding their bikes!

Jennifer said...

I had a flashback just the other day, and I can't wait to scrap it. It is easy to compete with the electronics if you can show them the fun you can have together. My kids know that spending time with their grandparents is better than their Wii... Enjoy!