Saturday, July 24, 2010

Being in the moment

Yesterday was our last day on the beach and I took a solitary walk while E loaded the van for our trip home. It is so easy walking along the shore to be totally in the moment. There is no agenda. The birds fly from prime fishing spot to prime fishing spot, the fish do what fish do and tide ebbs and flows. I would like to bring more of that ease of being into and appreciated the moment into my daily life.

On our way home, Little Mama called and life had overtaken her and Chris and the Twins. Poor little Landon had developed a bad diaper rash and home remedies and dr.'s advise had not convinced out little fella that all would be well soon...babies do live in the moment! and poor Landon's moments were not happy.

As soon as we got everything out of the van and into the house and I put in a load of whites, I took off to offer what help I could. I rocked and fed and soothed and rocked some more and would like to think things were marginally better when I left. Little Mama got to shower, eat and run a load of laundry. Poor Big Daddy has been on call all week so, in addition to being Daddy when at home and getting little sleep, he has been called out to work in the middle of the night. These two parents could use a rest.

So, not having got enough of the babies yesterday, we told Little Mama to come on over for the day and bring some laundry. Poor little Landon needed some major loving and don't think from the pictures we did not love on Colvin too...they both got their share. While we entertained the "troops", she got an hour and a half nap and left with a basket full of clean clothes.

And Nana and Papa got in some major bonding time with our grandsons....

I also managed to get all my clothes washed, ironed and repacked and am ready to head out to Wisconsin tomorrow morning to visit with my dear friend, Pam B before she, Leslie and I head to Chicago to meet up with Janet M and other Cherry gals.

Janet and I are hoping to meet our sweet friend, Maria, one of the mornings and I have a date with my cousin, James, whom I have not seen in ages. He and I share a love of family history and I can't wait to exchange info and to see him again.

My uncle Mike called while we were gone, speaking of family history, and has managed to trace my dad's side of the family(Sears/Cyr) back to the 1500s...can't wait to see that.

I will be 'broadcasting' live tomorrow from Cheese head land so watch this spot.

Oh, and are not the boys getting more and more handsome? They are entering their 7th week on earth!


Teresa said...

how in the heck do you get so much done????? I have been trying for a week now to get two loads of laundry totally finished...LOL

Have a great trip, I am sure the boys will miss their Nana :-)

Alisha said...

Wow, you're a busy girl! Those babies are so precious. I'm so baby hungry. Wanna mail one to me? :)

Pam in Moncton said...

Oh the boys are sweethearts! But you know that. Have a great trip. Give Maria a hug from me. When you find out your Cyr family from the 1500's let me know where they lived - was it in Quebec? Who knows we might be related, haha! See if there are any Quevillions, Grandmaisons or Sicards in there - if so we probably are, sort of anyway. They were there in 1500s.

Judy said...

You should tell her to ask the dr for Nystatin. NOah is allergic to A&D and Desitin and no herbal remedies work - its the only thing that has ever worked for him and I think they first gave it to us when he was a couple of months old.

madelineas said...

They are not only handsome Jules they are growing so fast. You are a natural nana

My kids always had good luck with Aquaphore (SP?) for diaper rashes

pjcoop1957 said...

Wow... I have been out of touch with reading my favorite blogs for a while... longer than I thought. A belated congratulations on the birth of your sweet grandbabies. They are precious and I know you are enjoying being a nana!

Your friend in Waco TX
Pam C.

Maria said...

Wow, those boys are growing so much already. Looking forward to seeing you this week, (hopefully!).

Scrappin' Jackie said...

Joshy has an awful diaper rash when he was tiny as well. We tried everything over the counter. The BEST remedy otc was BUTT PASTE but we did end up with niastatin also as it got yeast-y.

Amy said...

Hey Jules. I agree with Judy-Nystatin cream is great but you have to get that from the dr. Over the counter stuff that works great is Triple wonders!!! Better than desitin, butt paste and others. It comes in a white tub, a little pricey but soo worth in and lasts a long time.

Also, I go to a new mom's group in St. Pete at Bayfront...I know a hike, but soooo worth it! Tell Kristen I'll be going tomorrow (They are every Tuesday from 10-12 but people come late and leave early) and then again next week-Aug 3. I learn something new every time I go. It has been soo helpful and it's run by a lactation consultant, but not all mom's breastfeed. Let me know if you want some more info or my # to give to Kristen. I'd be happy to help her out too, even if it's just an ear to listen.