Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just a couple more days in Paradise.

At least once during our stay on Estero Island, E and I walk down the beach early in the morning, come up under the pier and cross to Times' Square, a pedestrian section of the island with shops and numerous restaurants. We treat ourselves to breakfast at either Pete's Time Out or Plaka's. Wed. morning we picked Pete's. After our eggs, toast and hash browns we walked by to our 'home' here. We have been so fortunate in our weather as, despite the mid 90s temps, we have had lovely breezes to keep us from roasting.

E and I sat pool side reading for a large part of the morning and then headed back to the little outlet mall for E to exchange a purchase and I picked up a pair of shorts and two cute cotton tees from Izod for 26.00...gotta love these summer sales.

We met Nick, Jerry, Caden, and his dad, Justin for lunch at Smoking Oyster is Justin in full pirate garb...

Around 5, E and I roamed back down the beach to a Gulf side restaurant called Nemo's. We use to hang out here for music a few years ago when it was called The Barking Shark. We met my sister and her boyfriend for a light dinner and some libations and, just as they were heading home, Cheryl and John came in and joined us for a bit. They were bar hopping down the island and sampling seafood as they went.

This was an incredible evening. E and I sat on the pool deck with a glass of wine watching the sun set. Everyone was staring out into the Gulf close to the shoreline and we found feeding dolphins. They came in so close and were still feeding this morning when we walked. I love these amazing creatures.

We have been so spoiled the last few summers by the most beautiful sunsets here and this year has been a bit disappointing. The ones usually viewed this time of the year are bold and dramatic with visit peaches and pinks and blues and shades all in between. While not one of the most spectacular, last night's was pretty.

Tonight is our traditional pot luck dinner and we have moved the time to 7pm to allow the sun to drop a bit and the breezes to pick up. This is our last night on the island til next year and it is always a bit bittersweet. Some will be staying through Sat. morning when we usually all leave but we need to get home. We need our grand son fix, me especially since I won't get to see the boys again for another week. I head to Wisconsin to visit my friend, Pam B, and then we join up with Janet M and a bunch of the ACOT Cherry girls in Chicago for the Craft and Hobby Association convention. Hoping to see Elizabeth A, owner of Simply Scrappin' and Michele, owner of Posh there too!

Hope everyone has a great day


Janet M said...

What a nice day that sounds like and I'm so glad that your vacation has turned out so nice. Looking forward to seeing you next week.

ScrapGoo said...

Even being from Maine where I grew up on the water seeing dolphins (porpoises) they *always* take my breath away... lucky you!!