Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's Week 29 and we are only missing one!

E and I got all our errands run Thurs and Friday so we could spend yesterday sitting beach side and welcoming everyone as they arrive. It was check in day and the start of one of our favorite weeks of the year, Week 29. There are going to be 18 of us total this year: Jerry, his son Chad, his wife and their two kids, Jerry's son Justin, and his son, Jadee and her two girls, her friend Andrea and her two, Cheryl and John, E and me. My niece, Jenn, great niece, Kaela, my sister and her boyfriend, Dennis will be joining us this afternoon to bring our total to 21. Nick arrives either Monday or Tues.

We have been bless so far these past few days with amazingly breezy, sunny weather. Not sure if it is a storm off shore or what but we've had surf which makes for great times in the Gulf. Yesterday, some of of our little guys here tried boogie boarding with mixed results but they sure enjoyed it despite success or failure.

The high waves have brought the board surfers to our beach and watching them has been so much fun.

Cheryl and John arrived first and celebrated their 29th. Anniversary with John's cousin and his wife and then with us. Cheryl has retired from Special School District in St. Louis this year and Steve and DeeDee gave her and John this week as a retirement gift. We welcome them to their first Week 29.

Hope everyone has a great day...I am betting we do!

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altar ego said...

Looks to die for. Wish I could be enjoying those sea breezes and all that good company!