Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome to my Wednesday

No, these are not Cabana Boys in this picture but rather two of the darling gnomes scattered around the Bubble Room out on Captiva. This is for Clare so she can see just a smidgen of what she has in store for her when she, Janet and I invade the islands this coming January. I have so many gnomes in my garden thanks to the kids that I have had to request "no more gnomes". lol

Last night E did his infamous shrimp boil for all of us. There were 14 of us and not much left over. Words escape me in describing how good this tasted. And peach sangria also by E has become our favorite. Jadee brought E and I a box of Spanish wine that goes down far too smoothly.

Today, the only thing we have on our agenda is our morning beach walk and some pool time. I need to get a stronger block on my face as the 30 I've been using is not working...I think half my face peeled off during the night.

Love to all and wish you were here!

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Laura said...

I'm not a seafood person but the peach sangria sounds yummy. Would E by any chance divulge his recipe?