Monday, August 30, 2010

Thinking I should rename this blog...

Babies in Paradise! lol

So, yesterday when Little Mama and the boys came over (Big Daddy was working on the tile in the guest bathroom), we decided it was time for the boys to have their first dip in the pool. First of all, do you know how hard it is to find tiny swim suits under 6 mo size and secondly, doesn't anyone make plastic pants any more for over diapers? Well, until we find one or the other, the extend of the boys as water babies will be limited to a dip or two. Landon loved the water (he is the one I have in arms) and kicked and splashed with his tootsies. Colvin was not as enthusiastic but I am sure he will come around.

The boys are so much more responsive to facial gestures now and are getting quite proficient at sticking out their tongues (a bad Nana trick) and laughed when I made funny faces at them.

E was teaching Landon the finer points of golf as they watched a game on tv together...Landon nodded right off. Golf matches on tv have much the same affect on me! Colvin snuggled with Papa too for some time.

We are doing our first solo babysitting gig Tuesday. Little Mama has back to school night at her elementary school and Big Daddy has class. I am sure we will manage quite well and if all else fails, there is always golf on the tv somewhere.


madelineas said...

Jules what about the Huggies swimmers? would they fir the boys. Don't think they make the plastic little pants anymore, those things were great. My DIL used to let the babies wear a onesie in the pool until they got to a suit that would fit them

Judy said...

They do make plastic pants - but only in size 4T and up - more for potty training. Although if I remember correctly my cousin found them online somewhere. Also, I saw some suits at Target for 0-3 months - would those fit?

Kelly @ Lucy's Daughter said...

Oh my the boys are getting so big! So great to see them learning to enjoy the water!
And there is no need to rename your blog, the boys are obviously part of your paradise!