Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 4 Liverno and Lucca, Italy

This was the only shipboard tour we booked and, while it was delightful, we much preferred the ones Jo set up for us with a private guide and vans rather than having to wait in the ship's theatre and the cattle call that entailed. Our guide was a delightful woman who had been born to Italian parents in Australia and moved back to Italy when she was in high school. She was informative and friendly and we were very impressed.

Liverno was the port city where the cruise line docks. It was very commercial and busy at the docks and our guide, who lived in Liverno, told us we would not be able to judge the city very well by where we were. She gave a bit of information about Liverno but we did not stop.

Our first stop that day was Lucca, which is a walled in medieval city. It has wonderful narrow streets, tons of both upscale and tourist shopping and we had a great cappuccino and sweet at a corner cafe when the rain started. We had umbrellas and were braving the drizzle. Surrounding the city is a raised wall. On the top of the wall, there is a walking/biking/jogging path and it was there that the rain stopped and sun peeked out of the clouds. The whole tiny city was shinning like a gem.

We were given some general directions and a list of attractions to see and given 3 hours on our own to explore. I really loved this tiny town.

Tomorrow, I'll take you to Pisa where we spent the afternoon.

I had such fun last night cropping at Posh with Diane and Jackie with a surprise visit from our dear Jean! It was so good to talk to all the gals there scrapping last night. Michele, the owner of Posh, has just gotten a shipment of new goodies in and I left a mite poorer as I usually do...too many great products in the store on a continuous basis.

I went by to see the boys and Little Mama before I headed to Posh and left Posh a bit after nine. Meeting Jackie and Diane Wed. to do it all over again! and Marathon Grill for lunch, I hope. Great light food and good company...who could ask for anything more.

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