Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 4 continued...Pisa

After our morning in Lucca, we got back on the bus for the ride to Pisa. We hiked from the bus parking lot to the entrance of the piazza and stopped for lunch. The guide recommended a lovely little road side cafe that had a menu fixe and she was correct. The food was fresh, tasty and the wine locally made. After a brief introduction to Pisa, we were set free to roam on our own for three hours and what a delight. We took a pass on the standard, "here I am holding up the tower" picture and opted instead for one of the two of us on the steps to the cathedral with the leaning tower behind us.

Bill and Jo had been to Pisa before so they went into Florence where we had already been before. Poor guys. Some how Jo got separated from the rest of the tour group and despite Bill coming back to look for her, remained separated for four hours. Not one to waste time, she did find a beautiful leather purse so the entire day was not a waste. They finally did meet up with the group in time to return to the ship. We all headed up to dinner and called it an early night.

TODAY: the kids are coming over later with their friend, Dina and her boy friend who are in town from St. Louis visiting. The guys are all heading over to the local beer dive to watch the Rams play on one of the many tvs while we hang out at the pool here. The guys will head back here after half time and we'll bbq. E and I are babysitting the boys tomorrow after noon so the four of them can catch a few rays at the beach. Hope everyone has a great day.

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