Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 6 the epic continues: Taormina Sicily

Every guide we had was a delight for our private tours but Luigi's brother, whose name not a one of us could pronounce was the only one who gave us sweets! and he was a cutie too! Here we are in Taormino, Sicily which is just down the mountain from Castelmola. It is a much larger town with a lovely pedestrian shopping area. We parked Gene and Bill at a bistro and spent the next hour shopping for our Italian edition to our Cruise charm bracelets. Jo loved the idea of picking up a charm from each special place so we started in Barcelona and continued country by country.

Once we had shopped and roamed through the town, visiting the Roman ruins as well, we returned to the van and headed back to Messina. Our guide took us to the cathedral where a wedding was ending and the bride was beautiful outside the church. And then it was back to the ship and a day at sea as we headed to Mykanos, Greece. So, tomorrow...those of you who have not deserted this voyage...will also get a day at sea! I'm giving it a rest tomorrow. So stay tuned Friday morning for a visit to Mykanos!

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