Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 6 Messina (Sicily), Italy Part I

Day 5 was Cititavecchia which is where people catch the trains and buses to Rome. Since E and I and Jo and Bill had all been to Rome before, we opted to just roam the town thinking it might be a pretty little port town...ah, no. We had read on line that the beach front walk offered some cute shops, a man made board walk out to a tiny island and a few other things to see and do. We found nothing. The entire beach front was torn up and a plaza was being built. We did go to a flea market but then headed right back to the boat for some pool and balcony time.

There was a storm at sea the night we sailed from Citiavecchia to Messina. It was raining when we approached Sicily but I managed to get a good shot of Stromboli, an active volcano (and I can't believe people actually live there!).

The rest of the pictures are from the ship as we were pulling into Messina. We met our guide right after breakfast and ...well, stay tuned for Parts II and III

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