Friday, September 03, 2010

I am grateful for...

The wonderful women in Book Club. Normally we don't have a meeting this time of the year but Gloria, before her fall and injury and now recuperation,suggested we all meet for a Gratitude Dinner this month. While our group was small and we missed those who were in recovery from falls and other injuries and those who were traveling, we still found so much to be grateful for.

We met at Bon Appetite in Dunedin, an elegant restaurant right on the water and the sunset was spectacular as was the dinner. I had the three course shrimp special with fresh veggies and rice. The salad was excellent and the raspberry mousse such a wonderful finish to the meal. Thank so much dear Connie, for driving Miss Daisy!

Errands to run today...library to return books, band to cash a check, and hoping to meet up with Becky to return her craft mats. Tomorrow we pack and the rest of today is to be spent in last minute cleaning jobs so we leave the house clean and shiny for our house sitter.

Even though my internet was out this morning, we seem to have it working again. It looks like the router may be going out on us but we'll deal with that when we get home from our travels.

The weather here has been lovely. The humidity has been way down but listening to the weather that may change. I dodged into TJ Maxx last night to pick up a black shawl for the plane trip and any other cool evenings we might have. It is pretty yet practical. I love TJMaxx.

Off and running...TGIF to everyone!

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ScrapGoo said...

Happy Friday, Jules! Who doesn't love TJMaxx?? You just made me want to go shopping, so thanks a lot!