Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hyde Park Craft Fair

I was thrilled when Kristen asked if I'd like to go with her and the boys to Hyde Park (a beautiful area of Tampa) for a craft fair. She packed plenty of diapers, wipes, bottles, formula etc. and off we went.

She and Chris picked out a car seats that fit into their stroller (thanks Jo Anne and GAK (great auntie Kim) so walking with the kids was pretty easy despite the crowds...and there were a slew of people out an about at the craft fair yesterday. The weather was a delight and there were lots and lots of booths. Most people who see a stroller this big coming, are courteous and helpful about us navigating.

I found a fantastic jewelry artist who works in brass and I bought a beautiful pair of her earrings to match to my necklace that E bought me on Mykanos. She does custom work so I am sending her a picture of my necklace to see what designs she comes up with...could be my birthday present in the works for next June. And she is so reasonable (Silvia Engel out of Lakewood Ranch, Florida)

We took the boys for a stroll through Pottery Barn Kids and I bought them two little interactive books. Both of the kids read to the boys almost nightly and have done so since even before the twins were born. And, the staff at PBK is so nice and friendly and the baby changing area is clean!

We parked a few blocks from the craft fair and got a chance to roam through some of the side streets. Most of the homes in Hyde Park are Craftsman Style, many original from when the movement was so popular in the U.S. There are huge ones and then these on a little pedestrian street, Hyde Park Bungalow. When this small development was built the homes averages 4,700$. I can only imagine what they are selling for now. The whole Hyde Park area is tree lined with bikers, walkers and families everywhere.

For lunch, the boys dinned in a hotel parking lot...when they are hungry they want food NOW. So, while Kristen nursed Colvin in the front, I fed Landon in the back and then it was our turn.

Because the day was so beautiful, we wanted to eat somewhere outside. We ended up at a cute place just a block or so off the causeway called Pete and Shorty's. Pam and I had a beer here her last visit when a tire blew on our van after picking her up at the airport...welcome to Fl. Pam! lol We went to Pete and Shorty's while E had the tire replaced next door.

We propped the boys car seats up on the table and let the H'ween decorations entertain them while we ate. Kristen has to avoid soy so went with a burger w/o the bun and I had a pork tenderloin sandwich. Having spent much of my impressionable youth in Iowa, I am pretty pickie about port tenderloins. I could seldom find one to live up to my expectations even in Missouri during my many years living in that state. This one was pretty good...but not enough pickles! lol

Happy H'ween to one and all! The kids and the boys are coming Trick or Treating later today and I'll post pics of them all tomorrow.

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