Monday, November 01, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Two very very cute Trick or Treaters came to our house yesterday and we had the best time with them. Of course, they can't have the candy but their tricks were lots of fun.

Little Mama and Big Daddy brought over an uncarved pumpkin and we opened it up for the boys to smell and touch. It was pretty hard to say if they liked it or not but both seemed interested to the extent they plunged their little hands into the goo and seemed to want to eat the

We changed them out of their costumes on the bed where I took the first shot of them and I think we have two budding little naturalists on our hands. They seem to like being sans clothes the best.

Hope your Halloween was a good one!


mustangkayla said...

Oh my word they are ADORABLE! LOVE LOVE LOVE the costumes! How cute!

Deanna said...

Thank you for sharing your grand babies with us! They are adorable!

LyndaKay said...

The costumes are a hoot!

Janet M said...

Just love how cute they look in those costumes.