Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lovely afternoon with a lovely lady

My dear friend, Glo, is on house arrest or should I say she is restricted to quarters once again. First it was her foot operation and the slow recovery, then her fall from the footstool trying to adjust a swag and the resulting shoulder and collar bone injury and then the hives from gardening and on to the most recent surgery on the same foot. Because we are all forbidding her from leaving the confines of her house without being wrapped in layers of bubble wrap for protection, I brought lunch to Glo. What a wonderful time we had getting caught up and what a great attitude this woman has who laughs despite these numerous set backs.

I will be back in action soon on my laptop, Vera, and the cord I left at the crop is winging its way to me. E has graciously given up his morning free cell so I can have coffee with my msn gal pals, Clare, Pam and Janet. And has been so patient about me hogging Harry, our desktop computer.

I found the second set of salt and pepper shakers E wanted and some closet organizers at Beall's Outlet this morning and bought Southern Lady magazine's Christmas issue. When I got home this afternoon, the postman had dropped off my Coastal Living so I am heading to our snake free (I hope) lanai to read...we have a lovely breeze here off the Gulf that makes the humidity bearable and a pleasure to sit out on the lanai. This hot spell is suppose to last through the weekend but I hope it cools in time for Kristen, the twins and my outing on Sat.

Hope you are having a great day...

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