Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday Funday

With great reluctance, left the crop and the fun Hilltop gals around 12:30pm, had a lovely drive to Teresa's with her. I hardly noticed the dreaded bridge as I was so enjoying her company and catching up with her. Then it was on to the pig roast at our friend, Gaylan's house. I got to meet his lovely wife, Char and bunches of our local pals were there. Everyone brought a side dish and Gaylan had been roasting a wild boar for most of the day. Talk about tender meat and so moist and quite lean btw. Pork, the other white meat, you know! I was half expecting the wild game taste some hunted animal meats have but this was just tasty pure and simple.

Busy week ahead: lunch with my pal Glo tomorrow, cropping with the crew at Posh Wed., some errands on Thurs., Nana and Papa time with the twins on Friday, a craft fair at Hyde Park with Kristen and the twins on Sat. and Happy Trick or Treat on Sunday. The kids are bringing the twins by so Nana can get pictures of them in their costumes: a monkey and a banana and Little Mama and Big Daddy are going as trees...very cute!

Have a great day!

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altar ego said...

check out that spread! Good food and fabulous friends always make for a good time. Glad you had a fun time!