Saturday, October 23, 2010

So far so good...

From the time I arrived yesterday around 3 until just a few minutes ago, I have completed 5 layouts (2 are for a challenge at ACOT so I can't reveal them until Nov. 1)and two of the Boo for my friend, Barb and one for me. The one shown below is the one that Lauri did yesterday. Barb has hers and mine is still drying.

The food has been never ending and so good. A few of us are going out to dinner tonight at Yoder's, an Amish restaurant nearby. After supper we will be having the casket judging and the costumes. I am wearing one of my Halloween costumes and my favorite pin, "If the broomstick fits baby, fly it" and I didn't have the heart to take the Tiki god of beer's witches hat so am coming as myself...a happy scrapper!

Will post the pictures of the costumes etc. early tomorrow morning.

My goal for this weekend was to scrap at least one layout for the 5 albums I am trying to either complete or to add to: the boys albums, E's cooking album, our family holiday album, our Savannah trip from last year album and, of course our latest adventure to the Med. This is the restaurant where the four of us had dinner on the boulevard on La Rambla across from our hotel. Tomorrow I have to leave around 1, drop Teresa off at her house and meet E at the pig roast at our friend's in Tarpon Springs. Hoping to get another 2 or even 3 layouts done before we pull out!

Have a great evening!

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Sarah said...

The pendant is too cute! And I love your music playlist! :) Have a fun weekend, Jules!