Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hilltop Memories' Creep Over Crop

Lauri and Barb (aka Roomies 1 and 2)kicked off the crop in the time honored Hilltop tradition: bras off and on their heads. You go girls.

I can't begin to tell you how nice it was to see the old gang again. It had been over a years since I had been to a Hilltop Crop for a variety of reasons, most of which seem to be of no importance any longer. I was greeted by such warm hugs and welcome backs that I was truly moved. Missed you all too, ladies.

Unbelievable for me, I stayed up cropping and chatting in the crop room til after midnight when Lauri and I headed back to our little, cute mobile home here in the Fun n Sun Resort in Sarasota. And then Lauri and I and her sweet little pup, Boo, stayed up until 2 am. And I even got 2 layouts and shared my little BOO necklace with a couple of the gals, Val and Lauri and gave Barb mine as a gift for her friendship!

I was up at 7am for my half hour walk. I hadn't intended to walk that long but having an underdeveloped since of direction, it took me that long to walk up to the crop room for breakfast. I had left my car at the crop room last night and didn't want to wake Lauri this morning. Actually the walk felt good.

Here are some pictures of some of the gals: Ginni, the group sweetie pie, Noreen, crown firmly in place, Roomie Barb and dear Janie.

Plans are already afoot for Ginni's Lake Pan crop in Nov and am booking my spot before it fills completely. More pictures to follow as the casket and costume contest is after supper tonight and I have now finished 3 layouts.

Am missing my Posh Pals...did you all have fun last night cropping? I was thinking of you and Pam, Clare and Janet too...Love to all,

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