Thursday, November 04, 2010

The first song that plays

on my blog is one of my favorites from eons ago. Long long ago when my first husband and I were still together we ( I )planned a trip out west for us and the kids. We had bought an over the cab camper for our pick up and headed WEST as soon as school was out for the kids and me. Kristen had to be about 4 and Rob, may be going on 8. We left St.Louis and headed west. The further into the mountains of the Rockies we got, the more I felt like I had come 'home'. We camped beside swift running cold streams, taught the kids how to pan for gold and built campfires in parks. This song but by Gordon Lightfoot, was one I played over and over when it was my turn to drive.

One night outside of some mountain ski resort in Colorado, we went to a small restaurant in town. The town lights glowed softly and even in June there was a dusting of snow glistening on the stream that ran through the town.

Late that night, as I tucked the kids in and climbed up into the over the cab bed, this song embedded itself in my soul.

Funny how songs trigger memories for us isn't it?

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